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Is This How Ruff Ryders Roll?

Is This How Ruff Ryders Roll?

Sometimes you're just not sure if you are rolling like DMX and friends. So my ryder, David Vogeleer and I made a website to help you figure out if you are indeed rolling like a Ruff Ryder. So are you? Find out!

If you answer yes to each question you are rollin like the Ruff Ryders and you get to enjoy their classic music video. 

If you say no, well DMX has something to say about that.

ruffruyders_0000_Layer Comp 1.jpg
ruffruyders_0001_Layer Comp 2.jpg
ruffruyders_0002_Layer Comp 3.jpg
ruffruyders_0004_Layer Comp 5.jpg
ruffruyders_0005_Layer Comp 6.jpg
ruffruyders_0006_Layer Comp 7.jpg