Senior Art Director

Stolichnaya Vodka

A vs THE

We created animated videos across Stoli's social channels to elevate the brand and illustrate the difference between choosing A vodka and THE vodka.

AMP Awards
Stoli The Vodka
Most Effective use of Sonic Branding (Best Mnemonic)

A Close Encounter gets all up in your face. THE Close Encounter is a party in space.

A Date is one big Valentine's cliché. THE Date brought Stoli Raz to make your day.

A Beard is for winning silly prizes. THE Beard is full of amazing surprises. Stoli: THE Vodka

A Walk in heels isn’t fun. But THE Walk means you’ve found THE One.

A Moscow Mule kicks from the rear. THE Moscow Mule needs Stoli Ginger Beer.

A Ride is an expected bore. THE Ride screams for more. 

A Spin could make you sweat and stink. THE Spin mixes a radical drink.

A Snapper doesn't care what he drinks. THE Snapper doesn't care what people think. Stoli: THE Vodka with pride. 

A Sea breeze can cause an embarassing scene. The Sea Breeze tastes crips and clean. 

A Bloody Mary comes with too much stuff. THE Bloody Mary doesn’t need any fluff.

A Spirit is a Halloween bore. THE Spirit comes back from the dead for more.

A sweater is a little uptight. THE Sweater makes the season bright! Happy Holidays from Stoli: THE Vodka.

A Toast lacks cheer. THE Toast rings in the New Year! Happy New Year from Stoli: THE Vodka.